Marinated Tofu with Mashed Yams & Asian Coleslaw

Every time my meat-loving father comes for dinner, I end up messing up big time. I try so hard to impress with a vegan meal, hoping he’ll be so dazzled he’ll forget there’s no meat that I end up with disaster.

So tonight he came for dinner with his partner Pattie and I had to pull out the big guns.

I decided to go with a trusted and delicious recipe from ‘The Conscious Cook’: Agave-Lime Grilled Tofu with Asian Slaw & Mashed Sweet Potatoes. It can be time consuming the first time you make it but trust me it’s worth it.

Find the full recipe HERE. (I didn’t grill the tofu, I put it in the oven)

Final verdict from my dad? ‘I’m not joking you, this is good.’

After Mojitos, two bottles of wine, and dinner I busted out dessert: Orange, Granita with Balsamic and Mint Strawberries. Which wasn’t quite frozen and was completely melted by the time we ate it. But if you have the time to stir it every 15 minutes for about an hour, it’s a fresh and relatively easy dessert that doesn’t leave a heavy feeling in your stomach.

I took the recipe from a 24hrs and it can be found in full HERE.

So dinner a success, dessert…..not quite. 1 out of two ain’t bad!


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