Vegan Gnocchi with Red Wine Sauce

Every time I see my friend Sarah she asks me if I’ve tried Gnocchi and that I need to try Gnocchi. She is a fellow foodie and  I think it shocks and disgusts her that I haven’t tried a basic potato dumpling.

So while I was wondering what to make for dinner with what I had in the fridge, I decided to give Gnocchi a try. I found this recipe and started making dinner. I was a little nervous that it would taste soggy and gross, especially since the author of the recipe mentioned that it would only take seconds to over-cook them.

Plus Rich came home early and was starving, he said he didn’t want to snack on chips since it would ruin his dinner but I could see the signs of ‘Hangry’ (hunger that turns into anger) in his eyes as he watched me cook.

In the end I was actually pleased with how easy it was and how easy it turned out. I think the Gnocchi would be great with a pesto sauce or even a vegan vodka sauce. Or with vegan mozzarella.

Rolling it out.

I ended up simmering some onions, garlic, tomatoes, spices, tomato sauce and red wine which turned out nicely. In addition to my 30 day yoga challenge I am also cutting out alcohol and therefore I might have gone a little crazy with wine in the sauce for Rich out of envy…

Gnocchi simmering in the red wine tomato sauce.


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