The Easiest Salad Dressing Ever

Today has been a really great day. I’m definitely feeling the love with all the people following and checking this blog. I had my biggest day ever this week!

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Anyways, not only is it National Women’s Day which I felt was enough reason to buy myself some flowers but I also got some possibly great news! It’s not for sure yet (and it’s not a job) but it was exciting enough for me to first put my hands on my knees and breathe like I had just ran lines in basketball practice. I then slowly walked over to my computer and blasted some Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ and then danced very similarly to this:

Later, when I came home from yoga I remembered how my last salad got a bit out of control and decided to make something with whatever I had… in a regular human sized portion.

A while ago my friend told me about this super easy salad dressing recipe:

Mix Equal Parts:

Olive Oil


Maple Syrup


That’s it!

And despite my misleading photo, this dressing works best with spinach leaves instead of the sort of bitter roman lettuce. And for the love of god if you have sugared pecans or strawberries- add them.

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