French Toast with Coconut Whipping Cream

When I first started the 30 day yoga challenge, a friend of mine told me that days 10-20 were the hardest. I smiled and smugly thought “I was athlete of the year in grade 11, I’m a trained athlete and I can handle some daily downward dog.”

I’m about half way through my challenge and….. well…. I’m not doing as well as I had hoped. My class is directly above a bar and 3 blocks from a movie theatre. Today it took all my will not to grab a beer and head down to catch a matinee of The Vow.

My body is deeply sore, my hands and feet are calloused, and despite my commitment I do not look like this. I just want one day off, that’s it and I’m not even doing the power yoga classes!

Well enough of my lamenting, needless to say I was in need of some sugar.

I used this recipe for french toast, this recipe for whipping cream (but add a couple of drops of lemon juice if you have it), and my grandma’s home made jam- yum!

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