5 Things That Aren’t Vegan That Should Be

I know that many of my vegan friends will read this post, throw their hands up in the air, and loudly say ‘OF COURSE THAT ISN’T VEGAN, WHO DOESN’T KNOW THAT!?!’ before getting back into their hummus happy place.

However, I will press forward anyways. Here are 5 things that totally should be vegan, BUT AREN’T:

1. Tires

Random right? Yep, many tires use a animal-based stearic acid which helps hold their shape. Not all tires come with the cruelty, check out a list here.

2. Wine

This one breaks my heart- vegans should be able to pour their wine and drink it too! Not all wine isn’t vegan but some wines use egg whites, gelatin, or caseins  as a clarification agents. You can google vegan wines sold in your area. I’ve found a couple of brands that I generally stick with which makes it pretty easy.

3. Orange Juice

I know right!?! Is nothing sacred? But Minute Maid for example uses gelatin, while Tropicana is known to use cochineal which is essentially ground up beetle (yes as in the bugs) for colouring. Come on- you don’t have to be vegan to feel that bugs don’t belong in your ‘Pure Premium’ orange juice! Find out what’s in your juices here.

4. Honey

I know that this might seem obvious but I actually get asked about it a lot and when I first went vegan I didn’t completely cut it out (I still ate Honey Nut Cheerios- the horror!) and upon further inspection found that it is sort of a heated debate among vegans. Basically whatever reason you have for not consuming other animals should apply to honey. So whether it be because of exploitation, respect, or pain- it applies to bees. Personally I like agave nectar anyways so it can’t we all just get along? Learn more about vegans and honey here.

5. Guinness Beer

I know. I just found that out while writing this post- if you read my Nutmeg Hot Chocolate post you’ll see I had a Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day. I swear I didn’t know! I hate it when that happens. Guinness beer uses isinglass in production which is a fish by-product. I like Corona better anyways…

Find out more surprising non-vegan stuff here.

I guess my point is that I don’t think many of us realize (myself included) the full extent to which animals are exploited and how dependent we are on the by-products. And it’s not just animal products, I don’t think many of us can explain the ingredients found in our every day products we use I don’t even know how most of the processed stuff is made! I think we might have a completely different cravings if we saw how some of our favorite foods are made…..

Like THIS. Vegan or not….this is just wrong.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. vegancharlie says:

    holy frijoles…. tires!? …i didn’t know that. OMG I’m a stupid vegan lol. I am SO so so so glad that I haven’t drank orange juice in forever…ground up beetles?!…that is simply sick. ew. Great post! eww beetles lol now I wont stop thinking about it.

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Haha I know! So random! You’re not a stupid vegan 🙂 I had a Guinness last week-oops!

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