Cabbage Chow Mein

Today was a pretty exciting day in Vancouver, we woke up and it was a sunny Saturday. This might not sound like a big deal for people who live in LA or even Toronto but I know our Seattle friends can relate. A sunny day, especially before summer arrives is  a BFD in Vancouver.

People in Vancouver are overwhelmed with what to do when the sun comes out but we all agree we need to get outside before our rainy prisons return. Do we head down to the Sea Wall with our dogs? Or should we have a picnic at Kits Beach? Or maybe we should break out the bikes? Most of us decide that we need to celebrate with alcohol- Rich had three offers to hit up a patio for drinks before 11am this morning. It doesn’t matter that it’s still pretty cold out- I saw people wearing shorts with toques today.

Anyways, I needed to make up a few yoga classes so unfortunately I couldn’t commit to too much but I did spend some time lounging on our rooftop patio for a bit:


When I got back from yoga I decided to make chow mein with cabbage as my sister had suggested. I’ve used whole grain spaghetti instead of deep fried noodles as a healthier, vegan option but she had said that stir frying some cabbage instead was a delicious alternative.

I thought I would test it out on my new non-stick pan:

I just fried up some tofu, onions, and yellow peppers (didn’t have much else!) and then sauteed the cabbage separately until mixing them both with some teriyaki sauce. It really hit the spot, although it tasted more like stir fry than chow mein- next time I’ll chop the cabbage into skinnier strips and see if that gets it closer to the original.

After that I went back up to the patio with a bottle of wine and ended up taking a few self portraits which at the time I thought were incredibly understated and artistic however now I’m thinking the wine might have influenced my decision as I look like I’m about to fall asleep:

Happy Sunny Saturday to my Vancouverites!



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