2012 Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show

I was lucky to get a pass to the 2012 Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show yesterday which was filled with amazing and delicious vegan food that I want to share with you! I was there for over 4 hours and only got through half of all the vendors and came home with about 30 pounds of free treats (I’m n0t joking, I have the back pain to prove it).

I’m not usually a fan of processed foods, I prefer fresh ingredients but if I’m looking for something to treat myself, these are some of the top things I tried:

I love the vegan gourmet brand, they make some great vegan cheeses and I can now say that their dressings are delicious too! I will always prefer homemade dressings but these are great for making something on the fly, at the cabin or heaven forbid, if you find yourself camping.

These enchiladas were insanely amazing. I think I made the people behind the counter uncomfortable with the level of enthusiasm I was giving but I haven’t had an enchilada in years! And I love Mexican food! I will 100% be picking these up at Whole Foods today, holy lord they were vegan heaven.

I actually didn’t get a chance to try these vegan seafood products but I’m intrigued….

I have been in a loving and committed relationship with Tofurky for years now and this trade show was just an excuse to eat it for free. If you’re looking for a perfect late night snack, keep a Tofurky pizza in your freezer- amazing. I hung around this table like a hungry hyena with bloodshot eyes and parched lips when I learned that a pizza was being cooked on site.

I was pretty disappointed to learn that my favorite vegan mac & cheese wasn’t vegan! It was dairy free but not vegan so I was sure to check that this was! No samples but I’ll be picking some up soon!

The Field Roast Table was probably one of my favorite! The people were extremely nice and everything was delectable! The sandwich meats had really nice flavor and seasoning but the smoked apple sage sausages really blew my mind:

I didn’t get a chance to try any of these Coconut Bliss flavors but I might head back today and try some!

Another one I missed but Amy’s is such a great brand (I recommend the black bean soup and adding some vegan sour cream, fresh avocado, and tomatoes) so I think it’ll be worth checking out the spaghetti and meatless meatballs.

I had seen these vegan pate’s before but never picked them up. They were pretty yummy and would be perfect for a appetizer platter with crackers, fresh bread, hummus, vegan cheeses….I digress. If I remember correctly, they keep for a pretty long time so they’re worth having around for any unexpected guests!

I will usually pick these up as an impulse buy whenever I’m at Whole Foods but I wanted to mention how much I love vegan gummy bears! Yum!

Coconut whipped cream! Very light and fresh tasting- I might have taken 2 or 3 of these samples…. I’m a very committed blogger!

Finally I have to mention Mum’s Hemp Hearts, this booth had so much devotion and love for their product and for promoting a healthy lifestyle. They gave me a copy of Ann Barne’s book ‘Better Being’ which I’m excited to start and a free bag of hemp hearts. You’ll notice that the bag is half empty…. that’s because I’ve been eating it by the spoonful. Just a beautiful texture and perfect on chickpea salads! Find out more about Ann at www.beabetterbeing.com!

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