Chocolate Truffle Mousse: Virtual Potluck Dessert!

(This post is part of the Virtual Vegan Potluck menu-scroll down to the bottom to find out what that means!)

I was super excited to be added to the Virtual Potluck and then panicked a little because I had no idea what to make. I ended up finding this recipe for Chocolate Truffle Mousse from Rhymes with Vegan and I learned a few things:

  1. I seem to only own exceptionally large wine glasses
  2. Food in wine glasses is really hard to photograph
  3. Fresh raspberries would have been much better than frozen ones
  4. A layer of fruit would have made this dish even more divine
  5. This is a really easy and extremely delicious dessert

The result was just like the chocolate mousse I used to eat with dairy in it:

This post is part of an enormous feast called the Virtual Vegan Potluck! To find out what that means click here!

To go backward in the Potluck and see The Herbivoress’ Frozen Brownies, click ‘go back’. Go forward and see the Naughty Vegan’s dish- click ‘go forward’.

30 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful, Lindsay! All I need is a big, ol’ spoon! Thanks for playing along!

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thanks! I was so happy to be able to join at the last minute!

  2. Shira says:

    Looks amazing! One can never tire of chocolate!! 🙂

    1. LindsayODonnell says:


  3. That looks delicious! Anything that comes in a wine glass is good with me!

    Love, B

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Well said!

  4. Really easy and extremely delicious? What more could I ask for?

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Only an extra glass for wine!

      1. A woman after my own heart 😉

      2. LindsayODonnell says:

        Haha I feel like we would get along splendidly!

  5. Big ol’ wineglasses make for happy portions of heavenly mousse so hooray for that! 😉

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Ha- agreed!

      1. haha, and happy portions of wine! 🙂

  6. Food Stories says:

    Just making my way through the virtual vegan potluck and wanted to say hello 🙂

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Hello and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wonderful – thank you 🙂

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thank you for visiting!

  8. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thank you for reading!

  9. Any glass full of chocolate mousse gets the thumbs up from me, but of course a large one is best of all, this looks wonderful!

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thanks! I agree that if a wine glass has to be filled with something other than wine, chocolate is the right substitute!

  10. Richgail Enriquez says:

    Extremely easy & extremely delicious…my kind of food! THanks for the recipe & the tips! I’ll make this for our upcoming house warming party.

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      I agree! Good luck with your house warming party!

  11. This looks so good! 🙂

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thank you!

    2. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thank you! I’m definitely craving some now!

  12. What a very exciting recipe! Yum!

  13. LindsayODonnell says:

    Thanks very much!

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