Vegan Beef Sandwich

If you’re in Vancouver, then you have to go to 3G Restaurant and you have to go to their vegan/veggie meat store one block up.  I don’t go there often because their vegan meats are so good it’s dangerous, I will eat so much I feel sick and then I’ll keep eating because it’s worth the sickness.

I went to pick up some vegan chicken because as I’ve mentioned, my dad is coming over for dinner tomorrow night and you don’t mess around with brown rice and vegetables when Barry comes over.

Anyways, I don’t usually cook with vegan meats for two reasons: meat sort of grosses me out and because I don’t really know what to do with it. I bought vegan chicken for tomorrow night but I also bought some citrus beef for tonight and I was at a loss as of what to do with it. Like do I just put it on rice? Do I just eat it with some mashed potatoes and over-steamed peas?

In the end it didn’t really matter because all I had was some hot dog buns and basic veggies. It didn’t make a difference because the glorious deliciousness of the vegan meats was enough. I made a beef sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce. In an ideal world I would put the beef on a ciabatta bun with some veganaise and mustard. So make sure you’re more prepared when you come home with vegan meats from 17th and Cambie!


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