Peaches & Corn Soup on the Roof

I have been pretty bad about posting lately and I’m sorry. Between my job, the wedding planning, and finishing the second book in the second Game of Thrones series; I’m swamped. We’re getting to the home stretch though so I’m super excited about heading up to the cabin after the big day and going BIG on our meals. I’ve bought cedar BBQ’ing planks and have been pre-planning every bite. I’m also pretty excited for the wedding as well.

Anyways, in between confusing my sister by calling her ‘blood of my blood’ and drinking all the wine I got from my ‘wine shower’ I was able to try out a new recipe!

Rich requested soup tonight and that meant we had to eat on the rooftop patio since cooking soup means that our apartment becomes unbearable hot. I decided to do something summery and found this recipe for corn & peach soup. I didn’t have Cayenne so I used some Turmeric and it worked out great.

By the time it was done Rich and I both looked like we came out of a sauna while fully clothed so we headed up to the roof to cool off and eat!

The soup was pretty frothy but wasn’t too sweet. It had a really great full-bodied taste to it.

I also steamed some potatoes and then stir fried them with some butter and garlic. I served them on a bed of basil and sprinkled with some artisan salts that had really big flakes. It sounds pretty pretentious but good god were they good. Rich was eating them and I would stop him by saying sternly; “Eat them with the basil! They need to be eaten with the basil!’ It set a really nice dinner tone I think.

I also made a salad with spinach, slices of mango, shredded beets, and pecans with a fig balsamic dressing (which I did not make from scratch). I was worried that Rich wasn’t going to get the FULL dinner experience so I made sure to remind him a few times; ‘Don’t forget the salad!’ Overall I think I was a delightful date.

He looks happy because this is before I started instructing him on how to best enjoy this masterpiece:

For dessert it’s a warm vegan brownie with vegan fudge ice cream and slices of mango! (all store bought…I promise I’ll get back to more baking!)


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fraser says:

    Nice work Linds- keep Rich in line. Dinner looks great too!

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Haha thank you!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I’m making my way through the first game of thrones book. I took a break from it and am having to refamiliarize myself with that long list of characters!

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thank you! I watched the first season before I got into the books- I found that helped!

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