Pre-Wedding Summit

We’re getting down to the wire and the wedding is around the corner. Rich wanted some help deciding which wines to buy so he invited his parents and my family to perform the invaluable task of drinking lots of wine. Although daunting, our families were up to the challenge.

It was about an hour before everyone was arriving and I realized that we had very little groceries and only chips and salsa for appetizers. I quickly whipped up my favorite: crackers and tofutti with some basil. Although this time I sprinkled some salt on them for some added taste:

We’re having indian food at the wedding so I thought it would make sense to have some curry to pair with the wines. I basically made chickpea masala into appetizer sizes (rice, chickpea masala, and vegan sour cream on naam bread):

For the main course we had pizza (Rich bought me a tofurky one) and I think we went through 8 or 9 bottles of wine. By the end of the night I think everyone forgot why we got together in the first place and we didn’t end up selecting a wine.  Our work continues!

My sister brings her great hair to the patio for some ‘easy sipping’.

Parent Summit: 2012 (One person is missing- Pattie my dad’s partner in crime)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ohhhh, I LOVE the appetiser Chana Masala idea! Genius! It’s even got me thinking about making a Chana Masala pizza….. hhhmmmm…..
    Good luck with your wine search – it looks like a fun one! 🙂

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Oooh I’d love to see that!

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