Pear & Guacamole Pizza

So I won’t lie that I was trying to recreate the glory of my Grilled Pear & Mozzarella sandwich when we went up to the cabin for our honeymoon. I had all the ingredients but at the last minute decided to make it in pizza form.

Again I hate to toot my own horn (that’s actually completely untrue) but this was AMAZING. It was like my tongue was dancing with the food in my mouth like Johnny Castle dancing with Baby- nothing was going to get put in a corner.

I added the usual home-made guacamole to a piece of pita bread (avocado, lime juice, salt, tomato, and some oregano instead of cilantro).

I then topped it with with sliced pear, vegan mozzarella, sliced endives, and a creamy avocado sauce. For the sauce I mixed lime juice, veganaise, salt, avocados, and thyme so it was much creamier and softer tasting that the base guac. Then I added it to a grilling plank (the smokey taste was very subtle).

It was amazing and a perfect end to our mini-honeymoon!

This is what the pizza tasted like; at first you’re confused and unsure if it makes sense but it leads up to a big ending and you’ll feel like impromptu dancing…it’ll make sense when you try it.

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  1. hahaha, LOVE the Dirty Dancing theme! I have never tried anything sweet on a pizza before – or guacamole – so I am very intrigued!

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      It was REALLY GOOD! Although I don’t think it would work with a tomato sauce base!

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