Vegan Grilling: Salad & Smoked Asparagus on Guac with Arugula

I was really excited about heading up to the cabin for a couple of reasons: to test out some grilling planks (we actually turned around to get them when I forgot them) and to test out a few recipes from Vegan Grilling Style. I purposely only packed stretchy pants so that I could get guilt free the entire time. This one just so happened to be made up of almost all green veggies (the stretchy pants would eventually become a life saver).

One of the easiest recipes blew my mind, Grilled Romane Lettuce. I don’t want to get sued so you can find the recipe here. I’m still dreaming about it. It was crunchy but soft, subtle but flavorful, and so easy! I’m thinking of buying a George Foreman grill just to make it at home!

I also made some broccoli on the grilling blanks with salt which had an amazing smokey taste.

I did the same for some asparagus but added it to some grilled ciabatta buns with some fresh guacamole, arugula (my new food obsession), and then drizzled with some impromptu dressing: veganaise and a balsamic dressing! Good god this was good. The sweet texture of the arugula with the fresh guacamole, smokey asparagus, and creamy dressing was…very satisfying to say the least. Like, I would run back into a burning building to rescue this plate.

Dressing to go on the asparagus toast.

A plateful of veggies, deceitfully delicious- what it lacks in colour it makes up for in flavor.


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