Vegans: Portland Awaits

Late this summer I had the opportunity to visit Portland for a very quick visit and was dying to go back to the city that could be called the Vegan Homeland. So when I found out I was heading up there for 4 nights on a work trip I had to eat something immediately since the thought made me hungry.

We first arrived on Wednesday night to our retro-fabulous hotel, the Hotel Deluxe. Where the staff are friendly, the rooms welcome you with jazz music, and the likes of Cary Grant greet you on every floor:

It wasn’t hard at all to find a place with tons of vegan options and Habibi offered some tasty Lebanese food served by charming staff.

The next day we headed to Stumptown for what would become our daily coffee.  If you’re looking for an uber cool place to hang out where (again) the staff are super friendly (is it something in the water in Portland!?!), head over to Stumptown which is connected to the Ace Hotel:

In between working we did have time to check out the city which was filled with interesting architecture, funky stores, and lots of things with birds on them:

(that’s Shawna looking lost in Portland, which happened alot that day)

I might be the only person who didn’t know this but apparently Portland is famous for its food trucks! About two blocks are filled with food trucks offering every kind of food you can imagine at unbelievable low prices. I chose a mango tofu dish for $5 from Thai Basil (or was it Basil Thai?):

That night we all got dressed up to hear Mark Bittman speak about the North American diet, the foods of our future, a tax on junk food, and why he went vegan (yay!). Mark Bittman actually wrote the very first vegetarian cookbook I ever owned and in the introduction he talks about how he eats alot more vegetarian now then before authoring ‘How to Cook Everything Vegetarian‘ so I was really happy to hear that he was now fully converted to a vegan diet. His 90 minute talk flew by and I’ll be checking out his blog on the New York Times website regularly from now on.

Tereza (T-dawg) brings her bad ass self to see Mark Bittman.

On Friday we really got to work at Feast, which was an awesome event centered around food and wine- and lots of it! Whole Foods Market had a truly spectacular tent with living walls, local produce, and of course samples with vegan options:

I was able to sneak away to Elephant Delicatessen for lunch and was in vegan heaven with their wrap filled with nuts, fruit, tofu, veggies, and fresh herbs. I meant to get a photo of the cafe but I literally inhaled the wrap in a matter of minutes and walked away holding my tummy in peace.

For our last night in Portland we headed to the Urban Farmer for drinks and toasts, grabbed a snack on the top floor which we ate while looking over the city and headed to a Bon Appetite after party (the photos only got messier as the night went on so I will spare you):We heard over and over again that we needed to check out Prasad, that it was a vegan’s dream and it could accommodate even the pickiest eater with its heavenly vegan and raw dishes.

It did not disappoint. If there was one place worth moving to Portland for, it’s Prasad. Good god.

Located in the Yoga Pearl studio this place offers amazing vegan bowls and brunch dishes in a serene environment, surrounded by insanely good looking yogi’s.

Two of us chose the dragon bowls with an apple cilantro smoothie while Shawna went for the Thai bowl. After we had basically licked out bowls clean we looked at each other sheepishly remembering that hadn’t bothered to offer each other a taste of what we had ordered. 

It was the perfect send off from my new favorite city (besides my one true love- Vancouver).

Portland kept things interesting until the very end, even at the airport where we spotted the STUNNING Lisa Ling and spent more than a few minutes laughing like assholes at the cards in the airport gift shop:

Goodbye Portland- can I see you again sometime?


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