Bread in case of a Zombie Takeover

Sometimes I wonder: If zombies took over the world or I had to live in a post apocalyptic era- what could I do? I know that thought popped into my mind a few times while I was studying business. Like if we were only sending the most useful people to a new planet full of possibility how could I explain that my knowledge of hash tags was more important than knowing how to treat a broken leg? In an emergency nobody every screams “IS ANYONE HERE A COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST?!?”

It’s something that dogs me a little.

Anyways, I read an article about how home-made bread is all the rage these days because after the recent recession people looked for easy ways to cut spending and making your own bread is up there with not buying bottled water. People have been making bread for thousands of years and therefore I figured I should too. It’s a step towards getting my seat on that space ship to Utopia.

I’ve made bread before but decided to start small with this basic recipe.

I wasn’t sure if this was what it was supposed to look like but I popped this in the oven.

Easy Home-made Bread

As usually I needed to bake it waaaaay longer than recommended (like twice as long) and even then it’s still a little doughy in the middle. I think I need to knead better, more like this guy.

Ultimately I am pleased with the final product and look forward to being a bread specialist!

Easy Home-Made Bread- Voila!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy Pluss says:

    I’m always so fascinated by people who make the effort to make their own bread. I rarely do but its so rewarding when its done! lol

    Have you seen the Leibster Award going around blogs recenlty? I’ve nominated you if you’d like to play a part in it 🙂 Not offended if you don’t want to. Its just a great way of connecting bloggers. 🙂

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thanks for the nomination! I love getting awards!

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