The Liebster Award!

Not many people know this about me so you might be shocked to learn that I have an enormous and very fragile ego. Just Kidding! Haha, it’s actually common knowledge.

Liebster Award

So I was more excited than I should be to be nominated for the Liebster Award from the amazing blogger at Vegans Eat Yummy Food! That means I get to talk about myself on this blog by writing 11 facts about myself and then answering her questions:

  1. The worst gift I ever gave was a bejeweled poodle ring that I gave my sister. I know it was a crappy gift because she told me immediately.
  2. Rich and I love America’s Funniest Videos, my favorite are the ones where people do that sideways run when they’re dizzy before falling down.
  3. Getting my Nespresso was one the best most happy must soul-fulfilling days of my life.
  4. The day I tried my Nespresso and it didn’t work was one of the worst and desperate days of my life.
  5. I’m currently obsessed with the angry cat meme:

angry cat meme

6.  I really want Rich and his friends to dress up as Mr. Darcy and the cast of ‘Pride & Prejudice’ but I don’t think it’s going to fly.

7. I announced to my friends and family that I was taking a trip to Africa by sending this photo around:

lion king

8. I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life and I still don’t know all the rules to Hockey.

9. I’m a pretty bad driver and I occasionally drive with the emergency brake up.

10.  I’m incredibly inpatient.

11. When snowboarding, the only way for me to not fall off the chair lift is to push someone else down.

That was hard! God, I ran out of ideas after #2.

Ok, now to answer VEYF’s questions:

1. Are you scared to die?

No- I’m afraid of the pain of dying but not death. I’m actually looking forward to haunting a few people.

2. What is your best health tip?

Go Vegan! Also read my blog, that’s good for your health.

3. Do you believe that genes or diet/lifestyle is more powerful to your health?

I think diet important. I also think balance is important but you can’t run marathons and eat McDonald’s every day.

4. Do you prefer summer or winter?

My favorite time of year is Fall! I am usually dying for summer by the time it comes around but exhausted by the time summer ends.

5. Do you have a ‘bed time’ or do you just go to bed when you feel tired?

Yes and it’s pretty early these days! I like to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

6. When you were younger what did you dream you would be when you grew up? 

I dreamt of being a rock star, athlete, actress, novelist, and world famous activist. Still do!

7. What is your most favourite & least favourite thing about your job?

Hmmm, I LOVE working with food and working for a company that I’m passionate about. I don’t think I can say what my least favorite part is but it rhymes with ‘safety shoes’.

8. Is there any particular food that you just can’t stomach the taste of at all?

Brussel Sprouts- yelgh.

9. Do you have a favourite recipe, that you use frequently? If so, please share it! 

I LOVE Thai Pizza which I got from my cousin Shawna- you can find it on my blog!

10. Do you prefer to shop online or in stores?

Online is dangerous but I still attempt it every now and then.

11. What is your favourite thing about Christmas time?

Hanging out with my family and drinking lots of wine.

OK MY TURN! Here are my 11 questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing about Lindsay is Vegan?

Ok just joking….

  1. If you could only eat 5 foods for the rest of your life what would it be?
  2. If you could have beers with 5 people alive or dead, who would they be?
  3. How much would it take for you to be Lindsay Lohan’s assistant for a year?
  4. What’s your favorite recipe?
  5. Who is your celebrity doppleganger?
  6. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
  7. What song best sums up who you are?
  8. What is your most embarrassing obsession? (One Direction anyone?)
  9. What was your biggest cooking disaster?
  10. What was the last book you read?
  11. What’s the nicest thing anyone has every said to you?

And the nominees are (I’ve randomly picked 11 of my fabulous followers!):

  1. VedgedOut
  2. HealthyFrenchie
  3. Change for a Year
  4. But First, Coffee
  5. Hayley Hobson
  6. Live Blissful
  7. Sunny Shans
  8. Jaguar Kitchen
  9. Jess Brianne
  10. Sophies Foodie Files
  11. Vancity Phrase

Goodnight People!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    lol! I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for keeping it going 🙂
    I hope your nespresso has decided to work for you again!!!

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thankfully it did!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    I agree that brussel sprouts are pretty foul!!!! lol

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Haha I used to hide them under my napkin- still would if anyone forced me into a corner!

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