Yellow Tofu Curry with Mango & Watercress

I recently came back from our annual family trip to Palm Springs where we got some much needed sunshine, relaxation, and 7pm bedtimes.

Big B with SparklersThe man, the myth, the Legend. My father plays with sparklers.

As much fun as it was, I was definitely glad to come home and make a meal with fresh ingredients. Palm Springs isn’t the most vegan friendly city… Plus I was SUPER excited to come home and try out my new Indian woks from World Market (when are we getting one of those in Vancouver!?!)

I haven’t really experimented curry very much so I figured now that I had these dishes I HAD to make more curry. I found this recipe from the Whole Foods Market site that seemed really easy to make plus I already had most of the ingredients.

I cooked the rice with some garlic olive oil that I also got from World Market and also added a tablespoon of agave nectar to the curry dish to give the final product a little more flavor. (I wanted to write ‘give the flavor  more depth’ but I thought that made me sound like an asshole)

Anyways, I will definitely make this again and I can’t wait to use my brand new dishes again!

Caribbean Salad



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeff Peters says:

    Ha! FYI, I don’t think “give the flavor more depth” is too pompous.

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Good to know! I might use the term in future posts 🙂

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