Sauteed Cabbage with Apple

I was trying to think of something clever to say about cabbage but the closest I got was: ‘cabbage is like Daniel Craig, it’s  creeped its way back into my top five.’ I know, not my best work.

Anyways, I was going through some of my old food magazines and I found this recipe in Edible Vancouver Magazine for Sauteed Cabbage with Apple.

My dish didn’t look like the photo (probably because I didn’t have apple cider vinegar and used balsamic and also used the wrong type of apple…details) but it was delicious all the same!

God I think I could live off sauteed cabbage for the rest of my life….with wine…and chocolate…..and chickpeas….

Sauteed Cabbage with Apple

Sauteed Apple & Cabbage



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    hehee i like your choice of food to live off – I think I could join you with those foods!

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      And of course avocados! Let’s start a new civilization!

      1. Sandy says:

        hehee I agree re avocado’s! I don’t have them often but love them when I do!

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