Avocado Soup

Whole Foods Market had a boxing day sale so I obviously went crazy. I had to triple bag my purchase just to make it home on the bus.  I’m not really much of a shopper, I mean I enjoy it but I usually burn out after about an hour and am pretty cheap until I find something magical that I melt my credit card with and then regret for weeks to come.

ANYHOO….back to the topic of food! I got a bunch of avocados and was looking for something new to do so I thought I would try this recipe for Avocado Soup! I know the creator calls it ‘Spinach Avocado Soup’ but spinach soup sounds gross….soo…(I’m right, right?)

Ok, so I lacked some ingredients and made some changes:

  • I squeezed an entire lemon because I didn’t feel like measuring
  • I didn’t have cayenne pepper
  • I didn’t have capers

It was pretty yummy but because I didn’t measure the lemon I found it a bit sour. Next time I would:

  • Double up on the apple
  • Double up on the avocado
  • Have all the ingredients
  • Top it with vegan sour cream

It was still a very fresh & easy dinner! I topped it with basil olive oil and here you go!

Vegan Avocado Soup

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