Uncomplicated Bagels

At any given time, there’s a very good chance that Rich is eating a bagel. Even at 4am, it’s still a possibility. He loves them as much as anything I’ve ever seen. As much as I’ve tried to set him up with foccacia, french, or even steaming hot home-made bread…I’ve never been able to break the bagel-bond he has forged.

All bagels aren’t made equal either, many of them not being vegan. Since this is my year of bread, I decided it was time to attempt bagels!

It took me a while before I found this recipe for vegan bagels that didn’t have complicated ingredients.

I immediately found bagels to be harder than bread, literally. The dough was really hard and I only seemed to make it worse by adding more water. I think bagels are just one of those things that take practice.

I found them hard to roll and hard to make into an ‘O’.

However I didn’t want to give up and waste all the ingredients so I still put them in boiling sugar water and stuck them in the oven with fingers crossed.

In the end they were pretty good! Not divine, but good. I had added some mixed herbs to the dough and sesame seeds to the top. Eating them fresh was pretty fantastic but they weren’t super soft after a day.

If you’re trying bagels for the first time I recommend having someone to eat them right away but I think it will take a few more attempts before I’ll be bringing them over to friend’s places to passively brag: ‘Oh you like the bagels? I made them, no big deal.’

Vegan Bagels


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    I learned long ago to make a ball of dough and then work a circle into it – also it then doesn’t fall apart when boiling 😉
    This is the recipe I grew up using –

    1. LindsayODonnell says:

      Thanks! I’ll definitely give that a try!

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