Afghan Potato Salad (It’s Zazzy)

Zazzy Afghan Potato Salad

This photo can be deceiving for 2 reasons:

  1. Despite it’s lackluster colours, it’s Zazzy.
  2. If you use the correct ingredients, it’ll look much better.

I have been interested in finding some recipes for Afghan food ever since I discovered the Afghan Horseman here in Vancouver. I think they have alot of veggie options but I’m not sure since I order the vegan platter every time I go. Trust me, grab a friend and head over there to split it. It’s filling, amazing, flavorful, and served by really friendly staff.

Anyways, I found this fantastic blog full of Afghan recipes and decided to try the Afghan Potato Salad with Cilantro Dressing.

I knew it was going to look different than the photo on the blog since I didn’t have white wine vinegar and decided to use balsamic. I also realized that I used a shallot instead of a scallion…

Whatever, I’m sure the original recipe is good too but this was really zingy and fresh!


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