Martha’s Potato & Leek Galette (Vegan Style)

Rich and I have been meal planning which means I look forward to trying new recipes all week and I thought this dish from Martha Stewart’s Meatless would be perfect for whipping up in snap.

But have you ever found a recipe that only has a few ingredients and seems simple enough but then you’re two glasses deep on some delicious Merlot and while reading the directions you get to the part that says:  ‘…then simply heat the ingredients to 89 degrees exactly however be careful not to allow it to get any hotter as the dish will become toxic.’  And you think: ‘Hmmm…..maybe this won’t be so easy after all….’

Ya. This recipe is a little like that. The ingredients were pretty simple and the recipe seems uncomplicated enough but you get to the part where you have to flip the galette and all of a sudden you’re dealing with a piping hot pan, an awkwardly large dish and a potato pancake that wants to fall apart. (I guess putting down the wine glass would have made things easier…)

However, Martha did not disappoint with the taste. It was pretty great although I think it would much more impressive for a breakfast dish.

And finally I added avocado on top because ‘I really loved that meal but could have done without the avocado.’ -said Noone. Ever.

Potato & Leek Galette


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    1. LindsayisVegan says:

      I’m glad it was worth the work 🙂

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