Vegan in New York City

As much as I love Vancouver, New York is pretty awesome. For months now I’ve  been looking forward to my friend Lauren’s staggette in New York City! There are so many awesome things we did but since this is a vegan blog I will try to keep it food-related.

So in no particular order, here are some of my food highlights:

Chelsea Market

Yes…yes yes yes. Make this the top of your list and whether you’re proudly labeling yourself a foodie or secretly feel that you are, this place is for you.  Plus if you’re a member of Nerd Corner, it looks like the train station where Harry Potter heads to school.

Vegan in New YorkMe at Chelsea Market

Chelsea MarketSpices at Chelsea Market

Pickles at Chelsea MarketFresh produce at Chelsea Market

Then without even looking for it I found One Lucky Duck which had been recommended to me! I quickly snapped up some vegan tiramisu and vegan Nutella.  I inhaled the tiramisu only a few hours later (amazing) and carefully packed away the hazelnut spread in my bag to slowly enjoy at home.

However one of the security men at the airport decided it was more liquid than solid at the airport and threw it out in front of my face. I pleaded with him that it was organic and that it was VEGAN FOR GOD`S SAKE but I could see that he didn’t even understand the words that were  coming out of my mouth. Luckily One Lucky Duck ships Rawtella online so I am crossing my fingers they ship to Canada.

One Lucky DuckPurchasing Rawtella before it was thrown out by an unimpressed security man.

We then headed to Dos Caminos which didn’t have anything particularly amazing dishes for vegans but it did have the best guacamole I have had in a long time.

Dos Caminos in New York

Whole Foods Market

I was super excited to check out at least one of the Whole Foods Markets in New York and was thrilled to find that the Chelsea store was right outside our hotel. The staff were super friendly and I grabbed more than one late-night snack from there. But it was a bit of a trek to find a bigger one but I made it there after walking through a few questionable areas to sit down at the snack bar at the one on Houston Street.

New York City Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market Snack Bar

Noodle SnackSuper satisfying snack after hours of walking

Candle Cafe

Visiting the Candle Cafe was a priority for me after seeing it recommended in one of my favorite cookbooks, the Conscious Cook. I ended up cabbing down there as soon as it opened and it did not disappoint. I ordered the smoked tofu wrap for brunch and each bite was bursting with flavor.

Candle Cafe

Smoked Tofu Wrap

Candle Cafe

Oh yeah. This happened:

Seriously. All of us girls headed out for a night of dancing and mine came to an abrupt end after I FELL. DOWN. THE. STAIRS. Even more awkwardly than in Clueless.

Annnnnnd moving along, some other non-food related highlights included:

Brooklyn BridgeCrossing the Brooklyn Bridge in completely weather-inappropriate outfits.

Central ParkLast day in New York City at Central Park.

Times SquareMe and my forehead take on Times Square

Soho Brunch

Brunch in Soho

Me & the brideMe & the Bride to be

Skinny PoseThe art & ridiculousness of skinny pose

I also want to mention that after I got back to Vancouver I got an email from Anita encouraging me to check out the Roti Mediterranean Grill which had vegetarian, vegan, and GF options. I`m sad to say I didn’t make it out there but I promised to pass it onto any readers looking for a place to eat!

I can`t wait to make it back to New York!


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  1. Looks like a great time! I love the “weather inappropriate outfits”…I often find myself in similar predicaments. 🙂

    1. LindsayisVegan says:

      Totally. Too much clothes to fit in a suitcase and yet nothing to wear.

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