Vegan Seafood Sandwich

I’ve made this a few times before but I can’t seem to find a blog post for it so I’m doing it!

This sandwich is really easy and although there isn’t any vegan seafood products in it, it just feels seafood-y to me. First thing you need is ciabatta buns which I recently introduced to my friend Lauren who replied ‘We [her new husband and her] were just talking about how we need to find a new bun!’ which continues to be hilarious to me because I would have loved to have heard that conversation:

‘Ugh, I’m so tired of these buns we’ve been buying’

‘You now I was just thinking that! I feel like we need something new but I’m not sure what.’

‘Ok, you ask your friends and I’ll do some investigating, I bet we can come up with some buns to test by the end of the month.

I digress. So grab a ciabatta bun especially if you’re tired of the same dull buns all the time.

Put some Dijon Mustard on it and arugula. Then take a container of Tofutti cream cheese and mix it with a jar of roasted red peppers (chop them up first). Save the oil from the jar and add it sparingly until you get a nice creamy texture. Some sliced avocado will always be welcome to this party too.

Vegan Seafood Sandwich


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  1. Marcia says:

    I have the solution. All your friends need to do is go to their neighborhood Buns R Us store. Problem solved!

    The sandwich looks creamy and luscious and your choice of bun sounds perfect! Not a huge fan of arugula but I’m sure I could find another green to use or just maybe, I could give it another chance. I bet this would be good with a cup of hot soup. Thanks for creating a seafood sandwich, I do so enjoy a good sandwich not to mention a good bun!

    1. Are Buns R Us are real thing?!? Don’t tease me!

  2. This sammie looks so comforting and creamy! I love seafoody type salad/sammies like this. And I catch your drift about buns. Sometimes I’m in the mood for big, round sweet buns and other times I want ones that are a little flatter…and on occasion, a crusty bun will do. ;-P

    1. Agreed, buns are reflection of our mood. I’m craving a sticky bun right now…

  3. Julie says:

    I really really love this idea–adding to my shopping list.

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