Cookbooks You Need to Own (borrow or steal)

I haven’t forgetting about you! I know I’ve been absent but it isn’t because I don’t love you. It’s because my STUPID IPHONE CAMERA HAS BEEN BROKEN! Yes, I do have an old school camera but…it’s all the way over there…in a drawer…

Anyways, so much has happened. There is so much I want to share with you all, including this:

Wolf of Wall StreetDon’t forget to check out the guy in the pink trousers on the left.

Anyways after this long awaited blog post I will not be bringing you something new and exciting. This is going to be like a recap episode of your favorite show when you were expecting a new episode.

But fear not! I have another excuse for that too! So work has been really crazy lately and I’ve been pretty worn out. Meaning I haven’t had time to cook and also not much of an appetite because *ahem* I’m pregnant.

Anyhoo without further ado! Here are my Top 4 Cookbooks! I was going to do Top 5 but the 5th would have been a throwaway.

#4. Martha Stewart’s MeatlessMartha Stewart MeatlessI know I’ve talked a lot about how all the recipes are really bland and many of the recipes were obviously created with meat. Most of them aren’t even vegan. BUT if you know this and decide to make something knowing you will have to make it better then you will find tons of inspiration. I pick this cookbook up often and find fantastic ideas.  Which only leaves one question: Martha why aren’t you calling me?

#3. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Mark BittmanHow to Cook Vegetarian

(Geez, is this photo big enough!?!) This was a gift when I’d just gone vegetarian and it’s a must-have for anyone looking for vegetarian/vegan basics. Since writing this Mark Bittman has become a ‘semi-vegan’ himself and is a food icon/activist. You might be at the point where this is a little below you in terms of skill but it makes a great gift.

#2. Plum, Makini HowellPlum Cookbook

Hands down the easiest and most delicious vegan cheeses I’ve ever had and made. Everything I’ve made has been bursting with bright flavour plus Makini Howell is adorable. Buy two: one for yourself and one for the person making you dinner.

#1. The Conscious Cook, Tal RonnenThe Conscious CookThe order of the best things to ever happen to me goes like this: 1. My family/friends/health etc. #2. Cats #3. This book.

Two reasons should be enough to convince you: the man cooked for Oprah and his Teriyaki Tofu over Mashed Yams is the only vegan dish I’ve ever seen my dad eat without reacting like it was dirt. The man is like the Steve Jobs of the vegan world. Seriously everything I’ve made from this book is knock your socks off amazing. Try the Caesar Salad dressing and then the Tomato Bisque. This isn’t something for a vegan beginner but it isn’t rocket science either.

Well! It’s your turn? What do I need to own this very second?


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  1. Bobbi King says:

    Useful post, and congratulations on “expecting”.

  2. Marcia says:

    Wishing you all the best of everything. Of course, since you already have that …perhaps I should say Time to expect a bit more! Groan, couldn’t help myself! My favorite cookbooks? Okay, here goes: 3 by Tess Challis:, Radiant Health, Inner Wealth; Radiance 4 Life: The 4 Cornerstones of Ultimate Vitality; & Get Waisted (which she co-authored with Mary Clifton, MD). Next it would be: Comfort Soups to Keep You Warm by Veronica Grace and finally, Wild About Greens by Nava Atlas. What? Oh no! Just writing about them is making me hungry!

    1. These sound great, thank you for the suggestion! I’ve got a healthy list for my next bookstore visit!

  3. Vivian says:

    Lindsay, I can’t begin to tell you how excited and happy I am for you and your husband. Let me just say that this little one has won the major lotto; he/she is going to have a wonderful life with you and yours. Congratulations!
    Oh, back to the books, one of my favorites is “Appetite for Success” by Isa Chadra Moskowitz; I think the next book to buy will be “The Conscious Cook”. BTW, love the new site; keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Vivian! What a wonderful note to find on my blog. I’m going to add that book to my reading list, I just bookmarked the webpage. Wish you just as many good wishes and thank you again for reading!

  4. Mathew says:

    I LOVE the guy in the pink trousers on the left! Thanks for sharing him. He’s special.

    The one vegetarian cookbook I would really suggest you take a look at is Delia’s Vegetarian Collection. It has been out quite a few years now, but it’s a really solid workhorse of a book. Lots in there. I see it’s available on and at VPL if you want to take a look. Many of her recipes are also available on her website:

    1. Haha the guy in the pink really takes it to another level. Thanks for the link, I’m going to check it out!

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