Guest Post: Lauren’s Vegan Challenge

My friend Lauren is like a walking Will Farrell movie, a good portion of what she says is totally quotable. I’ll give you some examples:

  • ‘Umm…when would I not be invited to a party?’
  • ‘I don’t know this song….BUT MY BODY DOES!’ (while dancing)
  • ‘Auntie Lindsay is a dirty hippe!’ (predicting what her children are going to say after coming over for dinner)

She makes laugh like no one else so when she offered to write a blog post on her recent vegan challenge I knew you’d have to read it.

So without further ado, LAUREN’S GUEST BLOG POST:

When Lindsay is Vegan’s husband Rich proposed the idea of a 5 day vegan cleanse to my boot camp, I figured I better do this. Primarily because my Christmas can be summed up with this brilliant ecard;

Vegan Ecard

And if Jay Z and Beyoncé could do it for 22 days, surely I could handle 5.

After reading this cleanse, I realized it was pretty much describing Lindsay- a non-drinking vegan (non-drinking ONLY because of the baby… obviously) except I also could not have “bad” carbs & sugar. And all this time I would eat Lindsay’s delicious cupcakes and desserts and be like ‘It’s vegan, these have to be healthy!’ No more cupcakes and cookies for me this week.

She was my first phone call because as most people can attest to, I am the opposite of a vegan.  In fact, in order to prepare for this cleanse, I ate a 7oz filet mignon (steak)! I also hit the Scandinave Spa in Whistler for some hydrotherapy to detox all my demons.

Now, back to Lindsay, I said send me your meal plan and off to Whole Foods I went. I paid for 25 minutes of parking and stayed for an hour. I forgot I needed to allocate time to read EVERY label so I grabbed a ready-made kale snack and strolled up and down the aisles. If you know me, I like to pay for convenience and have no problem buying things pre-cut, and/or already made. It’s ironic because I also love a good deal and am a pretty savvy shopper who has no shame in busting out the coups.  So when I saw my favorite Whole Foods detox salad shakers on sale, I texted Lindsay (because that’s just what I do) and stocked up.  4 Health Starts Here Detox Salad Shakers later and I had lunch already made for the week.

The highlight however, was when I could not find the coconut milk yogurt that I was going to start eating for breakfast. After standing there for 10 minutes the stock girl came by, pointed, and was like its right here.  I panicked and my first response “oh… thanks, it’s for a friend…” and scurried off. I should have just said “oh usually I make my own…” but I buckled under the pressure of being a “fake” vegan.

$98 later, I was equipped with kale, avocados, fruit, tofu, tempeh, veggies, organic soup, vegan butter, almond butter, almond milk and the list goes on. I didn’t even know what tempeh was but I’m always game for something new!

Here is what I made with it and the recipe can be found here:

vegan thai dish

Now, I know this cleanse was only 5 days but with anything new I try, I need to have ALL the supplies and I usually buy everything associated with it. I once went on one easy North Van “hike” and ended up with a MEC membership and a new outfit!

I won’t bore you with the meal plan but here are some highlights:

Monday Day One Breakfast

I was hesitant to try the coconut milk yogurt which I bought in vanilla flavour because anytime I eat anything coconut flavored I always feel like I’m eating sunscreen!  Luckily, paired with strawberries and pineapple it was actually quite delicious and only tasted a bit like SPF.

At 3:18pm on day one I texted “I’m starving” to Lindsay. Her response was “good god” when I told her I wasn’t eating carbs. She stressed how she “would never not have food in my mouth if I wasn’t eating carbs.” Thankfully, quinoa was on the dinner menu that night and I don’t think I have ever been that excited for a “good carb” which brings me to Monday’s Dinner adapted from this recipe.

Monday Dinner

Black bean and quinoa burrito bowl topped with  lettuce, Tofutti sour cream, salsa and avocado

Vegan Taco Bowl

My husband even loved it even though he clearly stated he would not be joining me on this endeavor.

It was so filling that I played a game of soccer afterwards and I was still full for the rest of the night! Like put on your fat pants full!

Overall, I felt really good and enjoyed trying new foods and recipes.  I definitely will continue to make changes in my diet. It’s really all about being prepared, pre-planning meals, having tons of healthy snack options and a little bit more attention to detail. Oh, and having a vegan friend really helps. Now, time to make up all those calories I lost and put my order in again for this vegan cake:Vegan Poutine Cake


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    1. We’ll have to have her come back 🙂

  1. heather says:

    Haha! My vegan poutine cake made an appearance!!!

    1. Oh yeah! It’s legendary!

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