No-Knead Bread (that is still totally high maintenance)


I did that thing again where I found a recipe and then started it before reading all the instructions. I found this recipe for ‘No Knead Bread’ in an Edible Magazine and whipped out the yeast and flour before realizing that I had to let it rise for 18 HOURS.

Good lord. However I had already started so I persevered. Since I’m assuming that you’re going to scan this recipe like I did in the magazine I’ll break it down simply for you. Also I don’t like olives so I cut those out.

  1. Combine 3 cups all purpose flour, 1/4 tsp yeast, and a dash of salt in mixing bowl
  2. Stir in 1.25 cups of warm water and stir, it will still be really sticky
  3. Cover with a plastic cover and let sit for 18 hours (go catch a matinee of Wolf of Wall Street and that should do it)
  4. Flip bowl over and ‘fold over itself a couple of times’ (ummm this is called kneading), dust with flour and let sit for 15 mins
  5. Dust your fingers in flour and fold the dough over a couple of times to make a ball, then flatten a little
  6. Put 2 crushed cloves of garlic 1 tbsp of rosemary (I used thyme) and olives if you like in the middle
  7. Then fold the edges over so the filling is covered. Flip over, cover with towel and let sit for another 2 hours 
  8. Set the oven to 450 and put a casserole dish with cover in it for 30 mins
  9. Flip the dough over so the sides that were flipped to cover the centre are on the top, put in casserole dish and bake for 30 mins with the top on
  10. After 30 mins take the top of the dish off and bake for another 15-30 mins (I did 20, you should be able to tap it and it will sound hollow)

I can tell you that this smells incredible. The recipe also suggests getting creative with the fillings which I love! It’s beautiful looking too.

Besides how long it takes to make I can tell you that it really didn’t take a lot of effort so plan ahead for this one!

No Knead Bread

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  1. Looks like the time commitment paid off! I do that kind of thing all the time…. Not read all the directions to a recipe and then realize there is more to it than meets the eye.

    1. Haha definitely leads to improvisation!

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