Vegan Ravioli with a Pasta Machine

I’m 32 weeks into pregnancy and I’m starting to visualize labour, do the last of my pregnancy & baby reading, and prepare for 6 months off work.

One thing I decided to do was create a playlist for when I’m in labour. I’m told that I will be in too much pain to listen to it but I’m listening to it now to pump me up. A lot of female power songs, obviously. I asked my friends on Facebook what to add and the most hilarious responses I got were:

  1. I’m Coming Out, Diana Ross (thanks Laurel!)
  2. All That She Wants (is another baby), Ace of Base (kudos Bruce)
  3. Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash (very nice Conor)

Annnnnd the winner:

4. Push It, Salt N Pepper (Brilliant Janelle!)

(I need to find a friend to do the ‘under the legs’ dance move at the next dance party I’m at. I think it will blow people’s minds)

I’m still laughing about that one!

Anyways, today is Family Day here in BC so with the day off I hit the kitchen and was listening to my ‘Baby Pushing Playlist’ while I tried ravioli for the first time with my pasta maker.

I’ve made ravioli before but I’m a little more experienced with pasta now and figured it would be a lot faster with the machine.

I started out by jazzing up the pasta dough by adding some herbs.

Pasta Dough Ingredients:

  • 2 cups white organic flour
  • A big helping of dried basil (I didn’t measure)
  • Like 2 tbsp of dried onions & garlic powder
  • Dash of salt
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of water

Then I kneaded the crap out of it. I’ve learned that you really shouldn’t fear over-kneading pasta dough since you want to get all the air bubbles out. Even after that I ran it through the machine a couple of times to get some nice strong pasta sheets without any holes in them.

For the filling I sauted some chopped onion, garlic, and chopped kale. I mixed it with some fresh basil and some home-made vegan ricotta. 

Using the machine was a bit more challenging than I thought. It didn’t slice up and separate the ravioli on its own and the filling was hard to get into just the pasta squares.

Next time I think I’ll use the machine to get the pasta sheets and make the ravioli like this.

Homemade Vegan PastaMaking Homemade Vegan PastaVegan Ravioli



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