Rosemary Squash Perogies

Perogies have been on my cooking ‘to-do’ list for a while. I don’t know if I’ve had any since I became vegan but I used to LOVE them. Come home from school, turn on some Ricki Lake and enjoy some hot perogies.

So when my in-laws brought over some spaghetti squash from a farmer’s market I though I could make some yummy filling for some perogies. The ones I had growing up were generally just potatoes and cheese but I figured I could make some with more interesting flavour.

Making the perogies themselves were much easier than I thought. Just mix two parts flour with one part water, for me that was two cups of flour for one cup water. Slowly add the water while stirring the dough.

Then roll the dough out on a surface dusted with flour and use a water glass to cut out circles.

For the filling, I heated up a bit of olive oil on a pan and added 1 chopped yellow onion with 1 clove of garlic.Once everything was soft I added a dash of salt, juice of 1/4 lemon, 1 sprig of rosemary, and 1 cooked spaghetti squash. (I had chopped up the squash and heated it in the oven at 350 for around 20 minutes before).

 IMG_3658 Once everything was nice and warm I transferred it to a bowl and mushed it all together.

Then take spoon-sized portions of filling and put them in the middle of your dough circles. I used a brush to make the edges of half the circles wet with water so that they edges would stick together when folded in half.

Then just fry them up in some olive oil on medium heat!

I ended up having a bit of the filling left so I put it back in the pan with some vegan mozzarella, spinach, and a tiny bit of vegan sour cream for a cream base to serve the perogies on.

Vegan Perogies So yummy!!



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  1. Since going vegan, I miss perogies the most. This recipe looks so simple, I’ll have to give it a try. The only vegan perogies I’ve found for purchase were also gluten-free and ended up tasting more like Chinese dumplings – not a bad thing, but nothing like Baba used to make.

    1. I missed them so much! It was super simple and you could really put whatever you want in the middle. These tasted really great, my non-vegan husband loved them. I’m sure the more I try them the thinner I can get the dough so they will taste almost exactly the same!

  2. Sian White says:

    I have never heard of perogies but suddenly I’m craving them!

    So once you’ve folded them together and stuck the edges with water, you don’t have any problem with them coming apart in the pan?

    Do you deep or shallow fry? I’m definitely going to give these a try!

    1. You’re in for a treat then! Yes the dough isn’t flaky like some doughs, it’s pretty solid and sticks together pretty well. My dough was about 5 mm thick. They fry up pretty quickly and didn’t fall apart 🙂

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