Screw You 2014

It’s the most annoying time of year to be on social media. Seriously, did everyone have the ‘best’, ‘most inspirational’, or ‘MOST FUCKING BLESSED’ year ever? Ok, I might be a little cranky.

Seriously though, if I went off of Instagram and Facebook alone then I would assume all my contacts are chasing their dreams, living in cafes, and seeing every day in lunar filter. I’m going to say it, 2014 had some great things but it was also kind of shitty for me. Put that in beautiful font over a random scenic picture.

Anyways, thank God I am here to tell you that it’s not true for everyone (….anyone really, unless you’re Taylor Swift).

Having had the year I had, I’ve got a few resolutions for myself:

  • Be kind to myself
  • Eat well
  • Not worry about making the most of every minute. It’s too much pressure. Sometimes I want to watch Sherlock and drink wine in my underwear. This is not me at my full potential, I assure you.
  • Not think about resolutions once I’m done this blog post

No recipe today,but lots more in 2015.

Happy New Year all you fantastic readers.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. chrissy says:

    Social media can be like that. As can looking back through tinted glasses. You’ve set yourself great goals! I especially think having down time is very important. Especially while watching a favourite TV show in your underwear while drinking wine. Who really makes the most of every minute anyway? And why would you want to? So much pressure to live life to the full. Sometimes it robs us from being grateful for simple things. Happy new year to you 🙂 Chrissy x

    1. Happy New Year Chrissy! I’d like to think that both of us having many hours of near-nude TV watching in our future.

  2. Marcia says:

    Loved your message and agree completely! When you (anyone really) are enjoying a good, F%@*ing day, the more positive people you come across just make it that much worse. Who invited them into my world anyway?!!! Your 2014 left a lot to be desired as it did for so many others. So I am going to say “here’s to a better 2015” for all! I raise my champagne glass and toast you, Lindsay, as your recipes and blog has helped me discover new flavors and some old SAD dishes made healthy, not to mention made me cry and laugh out loud. Thank you and I hope 2015 brings you and your family a year of peace and happiness.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving me this note! I’m wishing for an awesome year for us both. It’s really touching to find people reading my blog and getting inspired. Definitely a highlight of my 2014. *cheers*

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