How We Cut Our Grocery Bill by 30%

Every time I start a new blog post, I promise that it’s the beginning of more posts and that I will not neglect you any more. And then…silence for weeks. I’m like that insanely charming and breathtaking guy who only texts every month and you can’t help but reply…but you say something sarcastic to assure yourself you have some sort of dignity. But you don’t.


I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t been creating anything new. With Rich being home with Linden we’ve had to really look at our spending and our grocery bills can easily get ridiculous. With me working at Whole Foods Market and Rich loving his smoothies, it gets out of hand so easily.

However, my months away from you have not been in vain! We’ve been able to cut our weekly grocery bill by 30% and I wish it was by something as simple as cutting coupons but really it’s been because of discipline and going over our bills every single time. However I am happy to share with you some tips that I’ve learned so that you can cut your grocery expenses by 30% or more!

Meal Plans

Plan your weekly meals and stick to them. Also Rich and I make a list for grocery shopping for everything and if it’s not on the list we don’t get it. You’ll actually have more fun, spend less money, and it’s a team effort. The downside is that you don’t create stuff on the fly and have stuff to blog about.

Just head over to Youtube and search for videos on how to keep your bills for two people under $100. Tons of inspiring stuff. Just don’t shop hungry.

Buy Bok Choy

Get to know your produce section and what is super cheap. Bok Choy is so cheap. So if I’ve got a meal where I need to splurge on some Gardein then I’ll make Bok Choy as a side dish. If I’ve planned a salad with brussel sprouts and they only have organic for $48/lb? I’m making Bok Choy. Reading your receipts and paying attention to prices will give you the chance to make substitutes or come up with cheap meals when you’re going all out on another night.


Pasta Nights

When meal planning. Make a balance, making a dish with saffron, figs, and hazelnuts? Then balance out the week with some cheap meals. Every week we have a pasta night, which is essentially a throw-away night. Nobody comes home craving pasta and tomato sauce….like generic brand. Just take one for the team.

Bulk Up

The bulk section is your friend. Not only is it cheaper but you can literally bulk up. Whenever I need anything from bulk I always get a bit too much. I love chia seeds so I always get a bit too much and save the difference. Then when the bill is going to be high because of a dinner party or whatever, I can cut a few things off the bill because I’ve got it stocked up in the pantry.

Freeze it

It just makes sense. Use your freezer. Big sale on mangoes? Freeze half of them. Made too much soup? Freeze it. Spinach about to go off? Freeze it for smoothies. We used to buy fresh strawberries for me and frozen for Rich’s smoothies. Now we get that shit on sale and split it.

Receipt Review

I HATE THIS PART. But you will become such a nerd, saying things like ‘HONEY THOSE ORGANIC STRAWBERRIES WERE ONLY $3.99….THAT’S $3 IN SAVINGS!!!’. It’s painful to learn that your love of pine nuts is costing you your dream home but ultimately it will be rewarding. Take a look at what is way more expensive than everything else and see if you can cut down or water it down.

Cut it Out

OK. Here’s the most obvious and also the most shitty. You need to cut some of your shit out. Make some lemon water and cut out the coconut water you’re buying. You do not need 4 avocados for the week. I went from one a day to one a week. Painful, yes. But you want to spend money on other things? Then you need to decide what is a luxury and what can go. I can’t tell you. It’s your own shitty journey but in the end you probably won’t notice that much because you’ll be rolling in beds of money like Bey and Jay.


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  1. dslrbbt says:

    I think we’ve noticed that bulk isn’t always cheaper. My tip: bring a calculator! 🙂

  2. At this time it appears like WordPress is the
    best blogging platform available right now. (from what
    I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

    1. Thank you and yes it is.

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