Vegan Cherry Blossom Cheesecake

It’s cherry blossom time in Vancouver, probably when the city is at its most beautiful. Although I might be seeing it with rose-coloured glasses (get it?) because we FINALLY SOLD OUR APARTMENT! So pretty much everything makes me want to spend my days doing this:

But seriously this is hypnotic. I meant to go copy the embedded code and ended up watching it like 4 times. I’m incorporating many of these moves into my daily life.

So I was not surprised to discover that you could eat cherry blossoms since everything is turning up Lindsay. You can eat them right off the tree, throw them in a salad, or you can take some of the bitterness out of them with salt.

Simply take some blossoms, rinse them, make sure they are totally dry (some of my blossoms ended up soggy), sprinkle some salt on them, put them in a bowl, and put another bowl on top before popping them in the fridge for a few days.

I figured putting them in a cheesecake would be delicious plus I pictured Queen Elizabeth eating it while ordering someone to be sent to the gallows

Get the full recipe HERE..

Vegan CheesecakeIMG_5927

Vegan Cherry Blossom Cheesecake

Want more of a visual? I just joined Steller and I put my entire process for this cake on my first post. Check it out!

Lindsay is Vegan on Steller


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    1. Thank you! It probably won’t last longer than a few days in our fridge!

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