2010 Here I come!

I’m finally making some big changes to my site! I’ve wanted to for a while but wasn’t really sure what would be the best way to do it.

I have not found the best way but I was tired of trying doubting myself as soon as I went in one direction to make those changes. Do I use wordpress.org? Should I bother using another theme?

Well the wait is over, I feel that I now have a blog that would be super sleek and exciting in 2010 and only moderately dated for 2015.

You’ll notice that I’ve got a super sexy new look on my website PLUS on my home page you’ll see lots of exciting new menu items like restaurant reviews and podcasts. All are coming very soon I hope!

Lindsayisvegan is now lindsayisvegan.me and most exciting of all……DUN DUN DUN. I’ll be adding links so you can print out only the recipes instead of being forced to search through my rambling monologues on all my posts! They will be there on all new posts but I’ll also be cleaning up my archives and adding them to old posts.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the suggestions, and thanks for keeping me inspired!

ps. this is not a new photo but since the theme of this post is 2010 I thought a sexy dated photo was appropriate.



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