Free Spirit Spheres

So there’s no food for this post but I think you’ll agree that this is worth making an exception for so I can tell you all about staying in the Free Spirit Spheres! I heard about these amazing floating orb cabins a few years ago and last year decided to just try and book them and we’d make it work with our schedules and budget when the time came. It took 6 months to be able to make a reservations and then another 6 months before our weekend away came. It was worth the effort and the wait.

Free Spirit Spheres

I only booked one night since I didn’t know if we’d get there any be bored within in an hour but now I’m kicking myself for not booking a full weekend.

Sphere Cabins

We stayed in Eryn, which is the first one that Tom & Rosey built and it’s exquisite. It’s incredible craftsmanship, it actually feels a little spacious! It’s hard to get a great photo of them from the outside since they are surrounded and supported by large trees. They actually feel like something from middle earth and I can’t even tell how stunning the wordwork is.

Don’t worry they’re only around 20ft off the ground so if you’re afraid of heights these shouldn’t bother you too much, I definitely didn’t feel uncomfortably high off the ground.

Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum

Rosey & Tom are planning on looking for a bigger space somewhere else in BC so, you’re going to mad at me when I tell you that you can’t book them yourself right now. But keep an eye on their website and I’m telling you book more than 1 night as soon as you can!

Bring some board games, a great book, and your ipad for some movies because these spheres have wifi! There’s a common area, a sauna, Qualicum’s ‘downtown’, and you’re so close to the beach so there’s still lots to do outside your magic cabin in the trees.


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