My Secret Supper!

Not having wifi in our new home has definitely changed our lifestyles a bit! One night we sat and watched the hummingbird feeder. Not that it wasn’t great to get reacquainted with nature….but I’m ready for to be reacquainted with Netflix now.

This past Sunday I checked off an item on my bucket list by hosting my very first secret supper club! My mom graciously allowed me to use her place and my sister served. They must have done a pretty good job because they ended up being tipped.

Apparently these are really popular all over the world but especially in Vancouver right now. People buy tickets and only find out the location of the dinner the day before which is almost always in someone’s home.

After 14 guests, 56 dishes, 3 loaves of bread, and immeasurable amount of sweat and tears I’ve learned a few things:

  • It took me three days of prepping to chop and marinated everything. Next time I won’t do it all myself.
  • Things taste and look different when you serve them immediately compared to some parts being prepared and chilled. When I practice again I’ll practice exactly how I’ll do it the day of.
  • I will take the next day off work. I was exhausted!


It was so fun though! I didn’t want to risk trying anything new, I wanted the experience so I went with some trusty recipes.

The bread didn’t really turn out but I learned that if people are drinking they are going to devour your bread even if it’s not great.

By 5:30p only one person had showed up and I was starting to get antsy, was I going to have to call and ask every person where they were? Apparently Richmond is just a bit hard to navigate.

By 6:00pm I was rearing to go! That’s when the fun really started, arranging the dishes and then sending them out was extremely satisfying.

First was my apple cucumber salad with mango and roasted hazelnuts.Apple Cucumber Salad with Mango and Roasted HazelnutsNext was coconut and nectarine marinated grilled tofu with nectarine bruschetta with rosemary. (It needed more nectarines and only at the end of the night did I find another container of pre-chopped nectarines.)

Nectarine Bruschetta over Grilled TofuThe main course was pesto lentils in a roasted red tomatoes.

Pesto Lentils in Roasted TomatoesFinishing everything off with a raw lemon lavender cheesecake Phew!

Raw Lemon Lavender CheesecakeWow, it was actually kind of thrilling when I look back on it. Whenever I do stuff like this I always think ‘Why are you doing this? This is so much work and you could be relaxing and you’re already tired and stressed.’ and now all I can think is ‘How will I do it again?’

Thank you THANK YOU to everyone who came and for those that tipped my family-ha!





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