Roasted Yellow Pepper Bisque

Feeling jazzed to be moving onto another exciting opportunity after my secret supper club- hosting my very own cooking class! I don’t know if there is a shortage of vegan cooks in this city or if people are hoping that I might get drunk while cooking (it’s always a good possibility) but I don’t care!

I don’t want to disappoint so I went to work right away on some recipes. I think this Roasted Yellow Pepper Bisque definitely made the cut but you’ll have to reserve your spot at the class to know for sure.

I’ll be at Posh Pantry creating a 5 course meal while you sit back and relax and let me feed you. Sounds pretty great? It is, I’m jealous.

I’m feeling pretty confident with this one, it was really rich and creamy and flavourful. I was worried you wouldn’t be able to taste it with only two peppers (I’m on a budget and that shit ain’t cheap) but it was pretty great.

I ate it with Linden in front of guests and I’m so used to inhaling food so I can get back to stopping her from licking the electrical sockets that I forgot normal people don’t inhale their food while walking away from the table. No one knows if I’ll ever be accepted by society again.

Hopefully this soup is good enough for your guests to ignore your caveman eating habits too.

Vegan Yellow Pepper BisqueI’m still working on a recipe template that’s easy to use and I think I might finally have it. Check out the recipe for this soup HERE.



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