Grilled Nectarine Over Coconut Ice Cream Cake with Rosemary

Life has been good, but also exhausting. Summer in Steveston Village with a young family is pretty amazing. We’re biking through the village, flying kites (literally), running through farms, and enjoying this brilliant summer here. If you’re about to run into the other room because you’re rolling you’re eyes so hard that it hurts, please don’t. I promise not to use the word ‘blessed’.

But I am looking forward to the fall. It’s my favourite time of year and I think that it’s partly because by the time it arrives I can’t eat another veggie dog, buy another bottle of sunscreen, or feel weird about going to bed at 9pm because it’s still blindingly sunny outside.

This is a terrible intro, because it has nothing to do with what I’ve been making. Anyways, you’re welcome for a useless ramble.

I’ve been making this dessert a ton lately because it’s so easy (which describes pretty much all my recipes), it’s sensationally seasonal, and it’s ‘out of this world’ (Rich’s words).

You pre-make the ice cream cakes (4 ingredients people…you can fail a breathalyzer and still make these) and then take them out of the freezer one by one each night and top them with grilled fruit, maple syrup, and rosemary. Instead of pre-making your lunch you can pre-make your dessert for almost two weeks.

What are you waiting for. Get the recipe here.



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