Richmond Country Farm: Go to there.

I hadn’t been to to Richmond Country Farm since I was a kid, I sort of remembered it but not really. Every time I’ve driven by it as an adult though, I’ve thought I really need to go there!

I wasn’t prepared.

First of all, it was mayhem, the people there knew what was up. They were focused on a parking spot and grabbing a cart from their super secret hiding spot so they could load up.

Richmond Country Farm

I saw one person with an entire cart of corn, obviously I was a total tool for showing up just to check it out like a sucker.

richmond country farm

This place is amazing and you need to go there. Cheap, local, and organic produce everywhere. Plus things I hadn’t even seen! I almost bought a Moroccan pineapple or maybe it was a Nordic radish, I don’t know.

Richmond Country Farm

There was live music where Linden didn’t dance but just stared down another kid with her finger up her nose and FREE CORN.

I loved that there were animals that kids could see (but not pet) because I don’t think kids see the animals they eat in real life often enough. I might have been a bit overbearing ‘See Linden…he’s saying DON’T EAT ME!’.

Richmond Country Farm

Anyways, go there. And I’ll probably bash you with my cart trying to make my way to the Tibetan pickles though so you’ve been warned.

Richmond Country Farm


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