Touring the Okanagan Farms

I was lucky enough to go down the the Okanagan with work for the second time to tour a few farms down there and both times have been highlights of my career. Besides it being so beautiful there, I come back feeling inspired and enlightened on how much work goes into our food.

Our first stop was at Harker’s Organic Farm, I learned so much from our tour from Sara. Like did you know that it takes up to 5 years to be able to harvest asparagus after it’s been planted!?! WTF? Sara had an excellent point when she said that we should think about how much a farmer is getting paid for all their effort when we see it for $1/lb imported from Mexico at the grocery store. It took up to 5 years before their first harvest and then think of what their cut of those profits are? Yep, I’ll be sticking with my local asparagus from now on.AsparagusWe even got to try some blueberry basil, my mind has officially been blown. Sara also talked about how certain apples cost more to consumers because they are harder to grow or are more delicate. I always saw high prices and complained but I never thought about the growing challenges before.Harker's Organic FarmThen they treated us to some of their amazing heirloom tomatoes, fresh bread, and jams…and their organic sparkling fruit wine. YUMMY!Harker's Sparkling WineNext we headed to Similkameen Organic Farm where we were staying to hit the river, see the farm, and relax.Similkameen RiverThere was time for wine tasting at a local winery, learning about the First Nations Band there, and lots and lots of eating!

I LOVE seeing where and how our local food comes from, it really reminds me of how appreciative I need to be for everything that ends up on my plate and how much work goes into something as common as a tomato. I’m feeling even more committed to my little backyard garden now!


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