Harvest Pumpkin Lasagna (I Kayne’d the Kitchen)

I was starting to get nervous and doubtful about my upcoming supper club. I had tried my main dish 3 times and although I got some warm receptions, I knew it was missing some zazz. My pumpkin polenta with pumpkin lentils and toasted pumpkin nuts was just not the showstopper I needed. Plus the presentation was blah. How are people supposed to Instagram that shit if it looks like….well….

So I scrapped it and decided to start over. There were elements that were working in my first attempts so I took those and used it to build this ‘Harvest Pumpkin Lasagna’.

It blew people’s minds. I’m telling you, when you make something fantastic you can tell by the first bite. So when I tried it, I knew I had just mic dropped my main dish or as I prefer to say, I Kayne’d the Kitchen.

Three layers make up this rich, creamy, dreamy, and totally decadent dish:

  • Vegan Ricotta
  • Pumpkin Nutmeg
  • Acorn Pesto
  • Topped with a brown sugar and pecan sauce

Yeah, don’t even think about counting the calories on this one. It didn’t take long to make each layer but you could whip this up, freeze it or put it in the fridge and cook when you’re ready to demolish the competition at your next potluck. Oh you say potlucks aren’t competitions? Yeah….sure, we all know the winner is the one with the dish that’s been licked clean.

Get the full recipe HERE.

There’s still time to join me at the Juice Truck on November 19th!

Tickets are available HERE.

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