Lime Avocado ‘Cheesecake’ with Cilantro (raw!)

Have you got your seat at my upcoming supper at the Juice Truck on November 19th? Last time I had to turn people away at the 11th hour, don’t be one of those people! (Although they were lovely and thank you for your interest.)

It’s funny because I’ve heard a few people say “I’d love to go but I’m not vegan.” which is so odd to me because you don’t have to be Mexican to eat a burrito! Come try something new!


I’ve been feeling inspired after watching some ‘Inside a Chef’s Mind’ and thought about doing something crazy with the cilantro I had in the fridge. I suggested to my sister that I might make an avocado cilantro cheesecake and she immediately said ‘Ew’. Then after some thought she changed her mind and we agreed that it would have to be subtle and sort of like a lime pie for it to work. So when Linden was napping I started to experiment.

The crust was the usual simple raw crust with dates and pecans but for the ‘cheesecake’ part I had to keep playing with the ingredients in the blender. So the recipe is a guesstimate as to what the actual measurements are but I really think you need to play to with the taste yourself since I LOVE my sugar. The final product was nice and soft and subtle but personally I would make it sweeter next time.

Lime Avocado Cheesecake with Cilantro in the blenderIt ended up being perfect with some coconut whipping cream and wine (obvs).Lime Cilantro Avocado CheesecakeSo although I was aiming for something crazy it ended up being like a soft rock station that plays in all the dental and medical offices in your city because it offends no one. Definitely worth a try, maybe make the cilantro much more prominent and see what happens!

Get the full recipe HERE!

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