Chau Veggie Restaurant Review

Getting laid off is like being given a puppy as a gift. It’s a beautiful and wonderful thing but it’s a huge responsibility, it’s stressful, and grown adults almost never ask for it.

The upside is that I’ve basically become one of the ladies who lunches but instead of being a trophy wife or a socialite I’m begging people to hang out with me and then wondering if my unemployment insurance will be enough to cover a second glass of wine.

But I was super pumped when my friend Elin suggested Chau Veggie Express since I had just read a great review. Oh I promised I’d put her photo on this blog post so here is a pic of her looking effortlessly chic:


I got there early to have a glass of wine and read a magazine and for a Thursday night it ended up getting pretty busy. I was starting to stress about what to order, it all looked AMAZING. And I didn’t see anything that wasn’t vegan. I mean check it out:

#tofu #veggie #food papaya salad, tofu, lemongrass. Perfect for #summer !!!

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Elin suggested the Bai Sao Chips which were perfect with the local beer they had. For a main I had the Rickety Rickshaw Bowl. Ummm yes. I was so full I was in pain but I kept eating and thought about grabbing some of their ice cream on the way out.

It was heavy enough to be really filling but full of natural flavour, meaning I could taste the herbs, peanuts, and ingredients in the broth. YUMMY.

The only thing is that it’s pretty busy and the food comes so fast that if you want a couple of hours to hang out I’d prepare to go somewhere else for drinks. I did see a few people with laptops set up, ready to be there for a while. If I was closer by I’d set up shop there instead of Starbucks….but it looks like right now I have time to do both.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Valerie Lee says:

    Did you notice their take out sauces! It is so close to my house

    1. It’s probably for the better that I didn’t! You’re so lucky!

  2. danielle says:

    You MUST try their fried spring rolls next time. I could eat those every single day and be happy about it!

    1. URGH! I was eyeing them! Although my dish did come with just one.

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