Candy Cane Cake with Coconut Whip

How are the holidays here? Is anyone else confused as to how we got here? Man, I feel like I just wrote a blog post on how 2014 sucked. It might have been a little harsh and prompted concerned calls from family members but bad times are a part of life. I know for me feeling like I should live every moment like it was my last only made me feel bad about feeling bad.

I’m happy to say that 2015 has not sucked, it’s been intense, crazy, and full of change. I’ll definitely do a top ten list from 2015 because it feels so fantastic to remember all the amazing things that happen in a year but I’ll leave it to the last minute just so I can continue to keep my to-do list unobtainably long.

It feels like I had an Oprah year; through the turmoil, highs, and lows I’ve come out more balanced but maybe I’m just starting to get to that amazing stage of life where you start to not give a f***. I thought it happened when you became a senior citizen and would drive 10km/hr through yellow lights while fingering the ‘youths’ on the sidewalk but I’ve always been an old soul so it’s not surprising I’ve arrived at that stage early.

Yep, this year I moved to a new house in a new city, got laid off, found a new job, and seemed to go from a mom of a baby to a toddler. Which by the way is baffling on its own, like….you were literally a blob last year and now you’re giving me sass.

I’m find I’m frantically trying to figure what I want to do in 2016 and still scrambling to make the most of 2015. Vegan Candy Cane Cake

I needed to make this cake before 2015 ended because I LOVE PEPPERMINT SO MUCH! And yes I needed to scream that. I’ve been wanting to make a candy cane dessert for a while. This was pretty great but because it took me a while to get the coconut whip nice and flluffy, it sort of threw off the balance of the dish. But I’ve corrected it in my recipe. I also would have gone a little lighter on the green colour in the dish for a classier green but whatevs I’m too old to care.

Get the recipe here and make your own before 2015 ends!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful! Here’s looking to a peaceful year ahead!

  2. Thank you and to you too!

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