Slow Cooker Tomato and Cashew Bisque with Cashew Cheese Potato Scones

Whew, who had a fantastic holiday? And who is also ready for the holidays to be over? Ok I’m not quite over the holidays but I am spent in a contented sort of way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2016. I’ve always been really into resolutions and making plans for the beginning of a new year because a new year is full of so much promise. I’m feeling really energized and excited about this blog and accomplishing more with my little brand and with everything else in life. I’ve also been debating…..not drinking in 2016. I KNOW. No red wine! Am I crazy? Am I caught up in the romanticism of a new year? I’m picturing myself as super fit, peppy, and energized.

Is it delusional to think that if I quit red and booze for a year that I’ll basically be Kate Hudson? I don’t think so. I think it’s a very realistic expectation. I just feel that this year I’ve learned and accomplished so much about being ‘mindful’ and being in a healthy living space…and shit like thatr. Maybe cutting out alcohol will really take me to another level and I’ll also have more money to buy Anthropologie dishes.

Whatever, I’m not sure but I’m aiming big for 2016! TELL ME WHAT YOUR PLANS AND RESOLUTIONS ARE! I want to know!! Or do you want to go wine free too? Yeah I thought that might be asking a bit much.

Back to the food. We have a ton of random stuff in the food and I’ve been very dedicated to not letting it go to waste. We had a platter of leftover veggies with hummus after having an open house and a 30 lb bag of potatoes that I got for like $3. I’m serious.

I ended up throwing a bunch of veggies in the slow cooker and created a super creamy yummy soup. I almost called it ‘leftover party appies soup’ but I didn’t think it would be search engine friendly. I also made some cashew cheese potato scones that were….f**king amazing. Mostly because they didn’t taste like scones but instead like a really classy version of the McDonald’s Hashbrown.

Get the recipe for the soup HERE.

Get the recipe for the scones HERE.


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