Rosewater Pudding with Pistachios

2016 is off to a great start! If it hasn’t been a fantastic new year for you so far, don’t worry the Chinese New Year (where things really matter….sorry it’s true) is just under a month away.

I’ve almost booked venues for 3 supper clubs this year! I’m still working on securing a venue for Steveston coming up in March but here are two confirmed dates:

Vegan Secret Supper at Creekside Community Centre, April 24th. Come and dine on a (mostly) raw 5 course meal over looking our beautiful bay in Olympic Village. Because of the liquor license, you’ll have to order wine through me- don’t worry! I know some great reds. Menu to come soon.

Vegan Tapas at Secret Steveston Location, July 23rd. This may or may not be at my house. Get cozy and fill your plate with some of my favourite dishes. Menu to be posted soon!

More announcements are coming!

My next supper club hasn’t officially got a venue you yet but it will have an international theme which is why I wanted to get started on some new recipes and gave these Rosewater Pudding Cups a try. I found a non-vegan recipe and felt pretty confident there wouldn’t be any problems making it dairy free.

I can’t even describe to you have delicious they were. It felt as good as cuddling a new puppy. A new, delicious puppy. I know, not my best analogy but they were really f**king good and I’m not drinking wine this year, ok? OK!?!

Plus this was SO EASY. I think if you whip this out at your next dinner party people are going to think you’re super sophisticated. Plus they looked freaking adorable in my Nana’s antique tea cups.

Anyways, if you’re worried about my emotional state for the supper clubs, don’t worry, I’ll be hidden in the kitchen. Smelling the heavenly scent of wine breath.

Get the recipe HERE.

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