Vegan Ramen

I’ve decided to give up wine for 2016 and I wouldn’t say people are losing their damn minds over it, but pretty close. It’s making me wonder if my love of wine has earned me a reputation over the years. Here’s what conversations about it have been like:

“I’m giving up wine for 2016.”

“I read about it on your blog, I thought it was a joke.”

“Nope, just felt like I wanted to see what it would be like and not because I’m pregnant.”

“You’re giving up wine. You.”

“Yeah, I’m excited it’s going to be good.”

“But you’ll still drink at night?”

“No, I just want to see if I feel better and also see if it saves me any money. Also I have a hypothesis I will become Kate Hudson.

“I still don’t get your joke.”

See what I mean? Whatever. This is my year people! And it’s only been a month but I have noticed a difference without the vino. Like my eyes are more moist in the morning, even compared to mornings when I didn’t drink the night before. Isn’t that random?

I will keep you posted on further findings from this experience.

I’ve been watching Inside a Chef’s Mind and season one is pretty much exclusively about ramen so figuring out a delicious vegan recipe has been on my mind. I’ve learned it’s all about the broth.


This was pretty delicious and I wish I could recommend these noodles but I don’t know what they are, but they look legit. Unless that little man on the package is wearing an Italian flag? I don’t know. I played with the broth and ended up with something really rich and delicious. It was so easy too, pretty much the same effort as pasta with sauce from a jar.

Get the recipe here!


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