Moroccan Meatballs with Tahini Sauce

I’ve gotten to the point where I have to schedule almost every minute of my day. Now that my kid is staying up later, I’ve got about 90 minutes every day to work on anything outside of work and contribute to a functioning household. Last night I ‘treated’ myself to 20 minutes of Seinfeld. Without wine, this is what my definition of indulgence is. What a sad, sad world.

March 12 may seem far away but it’s really not much time to get everything ready for a Secret Supper but when you consider menu planning, finding volunteers, practicing the dishes, planning the dishes, organizing permits, and getting supplies in order. Plus I have another one coming up in April.

I literally just felt my neck spasm writing that last paragraph. Before my next supper club I am also helping to organize my sister’s baby shower, teaching a kids’ cooking class for a local non-profit, and helping to organize a fundraiser. Oh, and we’re going to Cuba in March and I’m still racing to finish my cookbook. You might be able to see a pattern here of someone that takes on a ton but now you see why scheduling is my best friend.

Before you get sympathy stress, remember: THIS IS MY YEAR! According to Chinese Astrology this is the year to take on more and invest in myself, so if there was every a time to hustle it’s now.

Things seem to be going my way because my first attempt at these Moroccan Meatballs were so f**king good. Like….get a seat to my next supper club because this is better than a free pass with a Hemsworth. So many layers of taste, such fantastic texture, and endless opportunities to make pretentious food descriptions.

There is a long list of ingredients but the recipe isn’t difficult. But you don’t need the recipe because you’re coming to my supper club right?

Fine. Here’s the recipe.


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  1. jgostling says:

    Says I don’t have permission for this event when I try to log into the event brite page?

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