5 Foods to Stop Throwing Away

I’ve been a little behind on my blogging but it’s because I’ve been tinkering with my site. Come and take a look! Thoughts? Feelings? Thoughts about your feelings?

I’ve also been working on my cookbook which many people have asked about and to answer your questions about when it’s coming out…I have no idea. I’m basically re-doing the entire thing because my partner went through the photos and told me gently that they were shit. I have to agree, I’ve learned a ton about taking better food photos and also how to shoot photos that are going to have text over them.  I’m committing to getting everything re-done on a fairly tight timeline so hopefully this next best-selling free e-book will be launching soon.

I’ve also been preparing for my next supper club! I’ve got the menu finalized, the volunteers confirmed, and tickets have started selling! So pumped for this one, it’s a really unique venue with my largest capacity yet.

I’m also on mission to use every bit of food we buy which made me want to come up with this list of 5 things to stop throwing in your compost or garbage bin. Check it out:


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