Quinoa Buddha Bowl with Jalapeno Tahini Sauce

I have a goal of increasing my spice intake ability this year. Glossy magazines have been I telling me for a while that there are a ton of health benefits to spicy foods and I feel I’m a little conservative in my ability to eat anything too spicy. That is going to change because as mentioned before THIS IS MY YEAR! And YES I’M STILL TALKING ABOUT IT!

I wanted to make something fairly healthy with a kick since lately I’ve been eating like a bear on its last day before hibernation. Maybe it’s my body begging me to start drinking wine again?

Buddha Bowls are so trendy so I’ve been thinking about incorporating them into my regular recipes for a while. I am almost positive that pretty girls eat them while watching sunsets and keeping their perfectly tousled hair in messy buns. And I can safely say after making this delicious dish that this is a pretty accurate description of what happens when you start eating it.

This was so tasty and the remainders got packed up into an uber trendy mason jar for lunch the next day.Which I really don’t think Rich fully appreciated how f**king adorable it was. “Honey here’s your lunch, that I made…..and it’s in a jar! Isn’t that SO CUTE? Won’t all your personal training colleagues be so super jealous?!?”

Anyways, make this tonight and then pack up the leftovers for your partner after and see if you can get a better reaction.


Also, have you gotten tickets to my next supper club? It’s going to be a blast! Come dine on a 5 course meal in a unique venue.


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