Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Sweet Chayote Slaw and Avocado Cream

Friends and family of food bloggers put up with a lot. We insist on cooking for you and then it’s cold by the time we’re done taking 100 photos with different lights, on the floor, or adjusting the angle of the forks. Or we might be calmly berating you to do something natural with your hands; “Mom reach for the food like you’re hungry but you’re not a starved bear!”

I mean that photo isn’t even that great. Then when we finally eat and we need to know EVERYTHING.

“Do you taste the chili peppers?”

“No seriously do you like it?”

Finally, the worst part is when we feign modesty TERRIBLY.

“It’s just something I whipped up, it’s not even that good.”

I’m writing this not because it’s going to change, if anything it’s going to get worse. But for you friends and loved ones, just so you know, we know.

Anyways, these wraps were worth the cost tormenting my beloved family. I’d never cooked chayote before and found it mild and sweet and lovely. I wanted to compliment it with some spicy tofu and made some avocado cream for texture.

F**king amazing. I’m not even going to feign modesty.Chayote Coleslaw

The coleslaw would be great on its own or in fajitas plus it kept really well for lunch the next day.Spicy Tofu Wraps with Sweet Chayote Coleslaw

Get the full recipe HERE.


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